Build, Repair, Repurpose & Rethink

Awkward Rural Fencing purpose is to tackle rural fencing jobs that just need a bit of a help.

Build New Fences

We build new rural fences to your requirements.

Repair Fences

Have you just got too many bad fixes holding a fence together… only just?

Re-purpose fencing

We are happy to reuse existing fencing materials to minimize the cost of fencing.

Rethink fencing

Many fences don’t necessary suit the current use of the farm or minimize the effort to move or control stock

Electric Fencing

We can help with setting up, fault finding and improving the reliability of electric fencing systems.

Residential Fencing

Got an awkward residential fencing problem that need some thinking? ARF can help, and discuss solutions.

General Farm & Garden Work

Getting behind on a few jobs? We can help to get you back on track!

Working with Sleepers

Got an idea to solve a garden or farm situation using sleepers? ARF can build what you need to your requirements.

Awkward Rural Fencing is part of the ‘Improve with Lean’ business group. Lean improvement methods are about improving productivity by removing all types of waste that doesn’t provide value to the customer.