Build new fences – We build new rural fences to your requirements. All work is open book – fix price quoted with all cost shown so that you can see the value and potential to save costs.

Repair fencing – Have you just got too many bad fixes holding a fence together… only just? ARF specializes in sorting these things out so that stock stay where they should.

Re-purpose fencing –  We are happy to reuse existing fencing materials to minimize the cost of fencing. We work with you to minimize cost.

Rethink fencing – Many fences don’t necessarily suit the current use of the farm or minimize the effort to move or control stock. We work with you to come up with better fencing layouts. Internal fencing is not permanent and can be relayed out to minimize the effort to run your small farm.

Other Services

Emergency Fencing Repairs – need repairs in a hurry to keep livestock under control? AFR is available to make urgent repairs to keep your farm calm!!

Electric Fencing – ARF can help with setting up, fault finding and improving the reliability of electric fencing systems.

Fencing Training – want to learn to do some of the fencing work yourself? AFR is happy to spend time involving you in the fencing work on your small farm so that you can learn.

Fencing Maintenance –  over time, many fences get the middle age sag for a variety of reasons. We can spruce them up back to near new making them look good and reduce the risk of stock breakouts.

Firebreak clean ups – running out of time to do a fire clean up? We can mow long grass and remove rubbish to reduce potential fire risks.

General Farmwork – getting behind on a few jobs, we can help to get you back on track!!


Slow Fencing

What is Slow Fencing?

Typically fencing contracts use new materials and processes to get the fencing jobs completed quickly.

Slow fencing is about minimizing the carbon footprint by using traditional big wooden strainer posts and stays much like as you would see from our farming fore-fathers. The timber ideally is sourced from your property.

Also, many gates don’t fit gateway spaces, swing properly, or can’t be easily chained closed. With some effort, these issues can be solved.

It’s about re-using or re-purposing existing materials to reset their value to help with fencing.

It is slow work with rewarding outcomes.


Awkward Rural Fencing is part of the ‘Improve with Lean’ business group. Lean improvement methods are about improving productivity by removing all types of waste that doesn’t provide value to the customer.